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Published by: Graham Commander on 23-Nov-18
Healthy Wealthy and Wise

The title is part of a saying which goes “Early to be, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” although these days of equal rights that saying may need updating to include women

While there is an element of truth in this, this advice may only apply to a few, as there are many who prefer to be night owls starting later and finishing chores later

There is a lot to be said for getting a good nights sleep, perhaps having an individual schedule may prove to be more efficient

Moving onto the “wealth” part, some would say that having an early start to the day gives the more opportunities to bring in more wealth

By having a clearer mind for innovative thinking and disregarding anything that will distract their attention from obtaining more wealth


Of course true wealth is more than money, having a wealth of knowledge can be considered more important, as it can provide yet more ways of gaining other things plus money

Being wise, one person’s wisdom might be thought as foolishness by others, but this should not deter you from seeking out wisdom and study famous people and their unique style of wisdom

The best piece of advice I have ever come across is “Never Stop Learning”

While keeping in sight your goal to become “Healthy Wealthy and Wise”