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Published by: Graham Commander on 19-Sep-14
Why Turn a Hobby Into a Business?

Why turn a hobby into a business?

Good question, several reasons spring to mind the first being you may have a job situation you are unhappy about

Second you already enjoy your hobby, why not turn it into a profitable income stream?

If you are planning on beginning a business, but still feel a little nervous about the idea of running a business especially if you have no previous business experience then starting on a part- time basis may prove the best direction to take.

This means you can continue your present job, and still pursue your dream of financial independence

 Also you may have a lot of money to invest in a full-time business.

But this should not deter you just use your favourite hobby as your business base and grow your business from there! Who knows where you'll be at 2 or 3 years down the road.

Making use of your hobby or favourite pastime as your business base has many benefits as ANY business you decide to become involved in should be involve something you LOVE doing NO MATTER what the outcome. Lest you run out of enthusiasm for what you do

Building a business founded on something you already love to do, will be a lot easier than going for something totally opposite to you natural instincts

Business of any kind takes consistent effort and anyone who tells you different does not know what they are taking about

You need to commit to a 100% of our abilities, which you won’t do if you start to hate what you are doing.

Procrastinating will far too easily to slip into any new venture, if you are not motivate by your passion for what you do

  So what do you really enjoy doing that could be turned into a business?

Have you a passion for cooking? Then consider starting a recipe blog which could also include a newsletter for subscriber, if you have surplus recipes you could compile PDF booklet to sell

Craft production is another possibility which could be turned into a business; and the finished items could be sold through mail order via eBay or similar site

 You may need to consider adding the cost of shipping and handling into the total cost before continuing the listing – so you then claim to offer FREE p+p

Writing can provide a multi facetted income pat-time business by producing how-to manuals or guides which could be sold through mail order or online as PDF’s or to multi-level enthusiasts.

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