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Published by: Graham Commander 04-Sep-16
Actual FREE information & Downloads

If you have been online for any length of time, you will know finding anything that is actually free with no strings is almost impossible 

You may have thought you found some on Facebook, only to find there are only little snippets and then you have to go to another and yet another page after that, time consuming and frustrating 

Then other sites offer Free stuff but to gain access you either need to enter name & email details or join a membership sites with fees added

Finally there is a FREE to use and gain information and even Free downloads 

Here at you can get both with none of those hidden problems

Although this blog site has been around for quite some time, due to a technical problem I was unable to update it, so it remained without fresh content I am happy to report that problem has been resolved 

Please feel free to visit and comment if you Like what you find there

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